Discovering Bangalore on Pedals

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4 min readDec 30, 2020

With weather to die for and an astonishing landscape, it comes as no surprise that Bangalore’s cycling trails have emerged as one of the leading hotspots for cycling enthusiasts looking to flee and unwind from the madness of city life. Although Bangalore has heavy traffic and bad roads, they aren’t strong enough excuses to hamper the spirit of cyclists.

Surrounded by greenery all around, riding through Bangalore’s cycling trails causes you to want to cycle to the top of the planet. The preferred time to go out cycling is early within the morning when the town is asleep. Here are 5 places in and around Bangalore where you’ll have an ideal cycling weekend to reboot yourself for the subsequent week.

Banyan Tree

A testimony to a bygone era, the 400-year-old banyan also referred to as Dodda Alada Mara, spreads over 3 acres and is one among Bangalore’s best cycling trails. You’ll spin on the steady climbs, push hard on the flats, and recover on descends while cycling through this rolling tarmac terrain. With quite a few shops around, you’ll refuel your system and feel energised to ride through some beautiful roads. As pure countryside cycling, you’ll discover old visions of India — a land of laughing children, cows, monkeys, mango orchards, rice paddies, rose nurseries, temple after temple, and granite cliffs; and climb the Ramadevara Betta hill. You’ll come alongside your friends and relations and immortalise this riding experience which finishes with an astounding view from the highest of Capitol Hill.

Approx Distance: 28 Km

Route Profile: Gravel Terrain


Nandi Trails

Depending on which area of the town you’re in, the Nandi Hills trail is often a very long ride for beginners. Located beyond the airport, albeit it’s a touch out of the way, the road is wide and good for cycling. You ought to take this cycling trail in Bangalore as long as you’ve got some prior experience of climbing hills on your bicycle because it may be a challenging route. After an 8km tough ride, the climb is often difficult for beginners, especially given the quantity of vehicle traffic. You ought to ensure to wear visibility jackets in order that passing vehicles can see you. an alternate is to hold your bicycle to the rock bottom of Nandi hills employing a good cycle carrier for your car. Weekdays are the right time to travel cycling as there’s hardly any traffic.

Approx Distance: 60 Km

Route Profile: Hilly Slopes


Hesaraghatta Grasslands

Although a touch outside the town, the flat terrain of Hessarghatta offers uninterrupted trails and a quiet little bit of greenery. At a stretch of about 35 km, this cycling trail in Bangalore allows cyclists to explore the agricultural great thing about Hesaraghatta. you’ll not find tons of traffic on this road if you begin out early. For those performing on a busy schedule, cycling in Bengaluru may be a perfect activity to de-stress. You’ll unwind from all the strain and rejuvenate your senses during a short span of your time. If possible accompany a gaggle of friends and confirm to hold enough food and water with you.

Approx Distance: 60 Km

Route Profile: Flat



Considered to be the last surviving forest region in Bengaluru, Turahalli Forest is one among the preferred spots if you’re within the mood for cycling in Bangalore. Frequented by climbers and runners, this forest within the city of Bangalore offers a hilly terrain for a touch of a challenge. The trail starts with a small ascend for about 0.5 km, wherein taking a left leads you on a little climb to a temple. Heading right at the junction, the trail results in entry to the forest. About 1 km from the centre of the trail is another main attraction of Turahalli, the Shanimahatma Temple Climb. A beginner will get a taste of mountain biking by utilising these trails with steep downhills and uphills. There are several South-Indian style breakfast places where you’ll re-energise on the way.

Approx Distance: 1.6 Km

Route Profile: Hilly Terrain


Avalahalli Forest

This place is a hidden gem in Bangalore. The tree density and amount of fresh air during this place can’t be matched anywhere else inside the town. It’s a no brainer choice to get that much-needed dose of unpolluted fresh air and therefore the circulatory system is active amongst all the greenery during this park. Early mornings are the simplest time to go to the park.

Approx Distance: 6.4 Km

Route Profile: Rocky Slopes

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