Famous Tours Pan India

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4 min readFeb 4, 2021


Whether it’s mountain biking, road racing, DH biking or recreational, cycling events in India has a lot to offer the growing fraternity of men and women in lycra. But little have we realized the many benefits of cycling and the good it can do to us. But those who are a part of this blooming fraternity will agree, endurance cycling is highly exploited. Even if every ride feels like a battle on the road fighting for that little inch of space on the edge, cyclists don’t hesitate to wake up before dawn and ride towards a healthier tomorrow.

If you happen to be a long-distance fanatic who loves exploring and testing his/her mental and physical strength, the below-mentioned cycling events in India are a must on your bucket list.

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  1. Tour of Nilgiris

Grown to become one of the largest cycling events in India, the Tour of Nilgiris has something special to offer. Spanning over 800+ kilometres across the southern Peninsula, cyclists from India, Belgium, Uk, Netherlands, Dubai and other nations across the globe. Besides, the tour also passes through the three wildlife sanctuaries of Bandipur in Karnataka, Waynad in Kerala and Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu.

There are no other cycling events in India that offer such astounding views and is guaranteed to take care of all your needs. What makes this tour even exciting is that cyclists can test their endurance, temperament, physical and mental limits.

2. Tour of Tamil Nadu

If touring and exploring scenic view is what you love, the Tour of Tamil Nadu is a must on your bucket list. An annual theme-based cycle tour that spans over seven days, it aims to promote eco-friendly tourism and good health through cycling. With complete support from medical aids, masseurs, mechanics, caterers, support vehicles, and sweep trucks, cycling events in India is luxurious like no other.

3. Tour de Chattisgarh

A fully supported cycling event that takes place in the state of Chattisgarh is the Tour De Chhattisgarh. The cycle event starts from Raipur and ends at Chitrakote covering a total distance of around 350kms. Tour de Chhattisgarh will take you through archaeological sites, Kotumsar Caves, Tirathgarh Falls and the might Niagara Falls of India, Chitrakote. Whether you are a family looking to go on a break or just ride together, this event is for everyone.

4. Tour de Chhattisgarh (Hills edition)

Unlike the previous tour, this tour is for those who enjoy suffering on hills (hills edition).

So, if you enjoy challenges and love climbing, sign up for this tour and don’t forget to start practising right away! The Cycle event starts from Raipur, pass through Saroda Dadar, Kabir Chabutara, Hasdeo Bango and end at Manipat covering a total distance of 500 KMs (Approx) and a total Elevation: 6500 Meters (Approx).

5. Tour De Satpura

Another bicycle ride is Tour de Satpura. This ride takes you through the hill ranges of Satpura covering around 400kms in 4 days. This magnificent cycle event will take you through mountains, Valleys, wild-life sanctuaries, lakes and dams from Nagpur to Tawa.

At any of the above cycling events in India tours and races, you are guaranteed to meet like-minded people. So, don’t forget to put on that smile and carry a good camera along to get back home those picture-perfect moments.