Indian Holi Festival-2 Problems, 2 Soultions in less than 2 Minutes…

Toffee Insurance
3 min readMar 1, 2018

No, Holi isn’t good. It’s great!

What’s not to love about this crazy festival of colours?

The colour powder attacks, the water balloon bombarding, forcing the sissies out of their nests.

It’s all in good spirit after all!

It’s what follows the celebration that petrifies us…

  • That colourful swamp that you once called… your room!

Being a host for this festival’s celebration is not for the faint hearted. No adult behaves like a grown up and you end up with a colourful mess. And a broken home.

What’s the worst? -“… Bura Na Maano, Holi Hai!”

  • What’s worse than a road full of potholes? Hidden Potholes!

All that colored water in the streets, which you too contributed to, comes to notice the day after celebrations. As it is, we’re not that proud of the Indian roads or the road runners. Just imagine the plight that stagnant colored water and spiked Thandai could cause!

Well, Holi sh*t happens. But, this is not a buzz kill.

On the contrary, we have a solution to these problems and it’s literally less than a two-minute job!

Drum-Roll* enters Toffee Insurance with it’s two toffees, one for each problem.

Renter’s Toffee
  • Renter’s Toffee will make you the heart of your group, because it will cover for all damages that accidentally happen at your place. It costs you exactly Rs. 494 annually. Let’s face it. Your snacks cost more than that! And a little precaution goes a long way… (Plus it’s March. Enough said.)
Commuter’s Toffee
  • Commuter’s Toffee is the morning after pill to your celebrations, always have them ready before the celebration. For just Rs. 722 annually, it covers you for injuries in case of an accident while you commute. You know how bad the roads could be after everyone driving has been celebrating holi, drinking thandai. (We know that you know that we know.)

Best part is, unlike the colour and water guns which you had to buy off the streets, you can just grab them online! P.s. They’re cheaper.

You’re welcome!