It’s not working out! 8 ways to sum up your daily travel troubles…

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3 min readFeb 2, 2018

Really, it’s not you, it’s them. We know and, so should you, that what’s being written henceforth is nothing you already don’t know.

But no, it needs to be talked about much more openly.

Dabang Autowalas:

There’s a Chulbul Pandey in every autowala on the Indian roads. We all know that they have the maximum level of Fear Factor.

When they’re in mood, anyone taking a ride could be the next Chedi Singh!

F1 Cabwalas

Strength: *Client Located* from *HALF-A-MILE-AWAY!*

Weakness: *Ride Cancelled* when *HALF-A-MILE-AWAY!*

Opportunity: *Redlights. No Traffic Police.*

Threats: *Redlights. Hidden Traffic Police.*

And if you’re hurt on such an opportunity gone wrong, there goes your finances, ‘cuz the cabbie ain’t paying!

The road you shouldn’t have taken!

Speeding? Haste makes waste.

There is no explanation to the phenomenon of everything falling out of place when you’re already running late.

Also. Damn you Maps ETA ! (The App that cried wolf)

Holy Cow(s), It’s a Moo Point!

*Honk-OK-Poops*…in the middle of the road.

Well, we can’t blame them. There is seriously a shortage of public conveniences, even for them GUYs (pun intended).

But when they give surprise visits on freeways, it’s bad news…

Life in a Metro

Yes, we’re all looking for an out. No, we don’t wanna crash land.

Life. Ride. In a metro, both are synonyms for ‘uncertain events’ and ‘unstable finances’. Good news is, the later can be taken care of.

Hint: It’s as simple as buying a Toffee!

Bus, That’s it!

These bad boys are the most dreaded on the roads.

From those riding them to those driving around them, the fear is unanimous. They also often make it to the headlines. We need not say more…

The Rickshaw Sank Redemption!

These cute little guys are known for their madness.

Why go to the amusement park when they can give a similar experience?Because- No Seat, No Belts!

P.S. The medical bill aren’t as cheap as these rides…

Truck- What the…!

We left the Beast for last…

We know you’ve been waiting for this. And how can we forget these giants who carry, God knows what not. If you’re caught in a situation with them, we know who’s to blame.

But the question is, who’s to pay for your medical bills??

Commuter’s Toffee

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That’s fair.

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